Danfo Drivers: Mad Melon Biography, Fame, Songs, Death & Achievements



Mad Melon Biography, Fame, Age, songs Death & Achievements

Mad Melon biography

Name Mad Melon
Age  years old
Gender Male
Occupation singer
Nationality Nigerian
Alma mater

Mad Melon Death

News just reached to us This Morning that Mad Melon of the Famous Danfo Drivers is Dead due to strange illness

Mountain Black and Mad Melon. Made up The group “Danfo Drivers “and The duo Danfo Drivers (real names Jimoh Olotu and Omeofa Oghene respectively) was best known by hit single ‘I am a Danfo Driver, Suo’ with their own style of Ajegunle’s Galala brand of music or Better still Ghetto sound.

According to his friend who shared a video on instagram, he said

“So Sad hearing this because i was with him and his musical partner mountain black last month at Festac town discussing some show business”

May his soul rest in Peace

DANFO DRIVER FAME – Revisiting the success story of Mad Melon and Mountain Black

Outside the foreign exploits and social media buzz enjoyed by today’s artists, the success story of Mad Melon and Mountain Black of the ‘Danfo Driver’ fame had a resemblance to the superstardom tale of the Wizkid, Davido, Tiwa Savage, Olamide and the Phynos of today’s industry. Their music crossed borderlines, resonates with age grades and unites genders on the dance floor.

They had the fame, generated the frenzy, toured several states singing to a huge audience, and as well, they had their fair share of controversies that comes with the territory. Who will forget when the rumor of the group being captured by police for robbery made prime-time news? Bonkers, that story was later debunked but that is what you get for being famous.

At the tail end of the dominance of Ajegunle music, Mad Melon(Oghene Mario) and Mountain Black (Olotu Jimoh) were the biggest music group from that zone. Arguably, within 2003 -2005, they dominated the Nigerian music scene. Like wildfire, their music spread fast as they had everyone spellbound. Although artists like Marvelous Bengy later surfaced on the scene but it was had not just for him but for any other artists at that time to capture the high level relevance created by this duo considering the success of their songs like ‘Danfo Driver’ and ‘Sensimila‘.

It will be criminal to curate the history of the Nigerian music industry without the mention of the massive impacts of artists from Ajegunle. The likes of Daddy Showkey, Baba Fryo, Daddy Fresh and the duo of Mad Melon and Mountain Black signed to Cornerstone Record owned by Desmond Okenwa were game-changers.

At a point in time in Nigeria, the sovereign power of the music industry resides in Ajegunle. The biggest music market (Nasamu) was also located there. This was way before the Alaba music market was created. With the obvious negligence by the government, AJ city was a place where only the strong survive, the wise excel and the lonely dies slowly. Music was the only route for most of the young lads. The musicians created the buzz for that community and captured the attention of every media house that went there to report. It was artists live Mad Melon & Mountain Black that made the positive impact.

Although the Nigerian music industry keeps evolving but the dynamics remain the same with different players at the helm. Every artist must choose to be different, give his or her best and history will remember. It’s never about how premium or #razz the artists are, it’s about original content and the impact it had on the audience. Artists should just play their part – “you won’t be in this industry forever but your content will if you are unique enough”.

Mad Melon Songs

1. Iya Mi O
2. Danfo Driver
3. No Matter What Them Do
4. Semsimilla

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