Lady Zamar Biography, Wiki, Real name, Age, Education & More.



Lady Zamar Biography, Wiki, Real name, Age, Education & More.

Lady Zamar, who was born Yamikan Janet Banda, maybe a famous South African singer and songwriter. She was born in Thembisa, East Rand, Gauteng, but was raised in Mamelodi, Pretoria, Gauteng. She is additionally a philanthropist and businesswoman and has developed the woman Zamar Entertainment brand together with her extensive knowledge of the entertainment and fashion scene.

Lady Zamar Age

No one knows the vital age of Lady Zamar as she prefers keeping this private. But as of 2018, she is believed to be between the ages of 29 to 33.
Lady Zamar Family
According to the singer, her father is from Zambia while her mum is South African, and being mentioned with two different cultures; this brought her confusion as a toddler.

Both of my parents have gotten two different cultures. It had been not very easy growing up not knowing where I stood in life or which (lifestyle) I should define myself with. It had been not their fault. They fell crazy. They couldn’t even understand each others’ language once they met and had to speak in English,” she explained.

Lady Zamar Albums

Below may be a list of Lady Zamar released albums as of 2018

King Zamar
Cotton Candy
Out Of My League
Lady Zamar Songs
As of 2018, here may be a list of Lady Zamar songs so far:

Love Is Blind
My Baby
El’ Diego
It’s You – Dreaming
More To Life
Hell No
King & Queen
Prayer For Love
Truly Amazing
8th Wonder
Bang Bang
Cotton Candy
What Happens In…Stays In…
What you would like

Lady Zamar Profile

Date of Birth: Unknown

Birth Name: Yamikani Janet Banda

Age: Between 29-33 (2018)

Occupation: Singer and Songwriter

Marital Status: None… Still single

Record Label: Universal Music

Lady Zamar was born in Yamikan Janet Banda may be a famous South African singer and songwriter. She is additionally a philanthropist and businesswoman. Through this post, we’ll be watching the complete information on Lady Zamar Instagram, Lady Zamar Twitter, and woman Zamar Facebook accounts.

Lady Zamar Instagram

Lady Zamar has an Instagram account with over 300k active followers. She is currently following over 170 people on Instagram and has over 1,300 Instagram posts, which incorporates images and video clips. you’ll follow her on Instagram via her handle @lady_zamar


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Lady Zamar Twitter

Lady Zamar has gathered over 190k followers on twitter, which is kind of pretty low for a top SA celebrity. She is following over 200 people and has over 38k tweets which is damn such a lot . you’ll follow her on twitter @Lady_Zamar

Lady Zamar Facebook

Lady Zamar doesn’t have a private Facebook profile account on Facebook but instead has a lively Facebook Page which has over 300k likes. you’ll connect with her on Facebook by liking her page below.

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