Olanrewaju Pelepele Biography, Wikipedia, Profile, Songs & Death



Olanrewaju Pelepele Biography, Wikipedia, Profile, Songs & Death

Olanrewaju ‘Pelepele’ Makanaki popularly known by his stage name as Pelepele is a Nigeria rapper who was formerly signed to Olamide’s YBNL record but later left the record label to push further on his music career.

Olanrewaju Pelepele Biography

Name Olanrewaju (Pelepele) Makanaki
Nationality Nigeria
Gender Male
career Singer
Country Nigerian

Olanrewaju Pelepele Death

According to the recent news update, Nigerian rapper olanrewaju committed suicide due to depression.

About 10 days ago, this young Nigerian rapper and singer, olanrewaju pelepele shared an emotional video online talking about how depressed he was and his plans to take his own life.

At the time, he wasn’t taken serious and now, he has made good on his promise and has taken his life.

He was found stone cold dead in his apartment on Friday, September 20th 2019. His death stems from his long battle with depression and his inability to fully break into the Nigerian music industry despite 10years of hard work.

Death: Suicide


On December 27 2017 YBNL Signed Pelepele.  Olanrewaju Pelepele was Olamide’s first artiste actually. After his official signing to YBNL record Olanrewaju Pelepele released two songs  ”Sinner Man and Apani  Mayoda” which featured Olamide.


  1. Sinner Man
  2. Apani Mayoda
  3. Gratitude
  4. Who You Epp

Olanrewaju Pelepele Last Video

Olanrewaju Pelepele Instagram



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Black Friday. (20. 9. 2019) NAKI gave up the fight 🕯 This one pain me.

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